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MV Global LLC is specialized in the global supply of catalog parts and equipment with headquarters in Houston, Texas, USA. We are an import and export company focused on efficient delivery of catalog parts and equipment for industrial engines and machinery from our globally distributed business partners.

We connect our clients to our international distribution network. Our company serves as an active link between manufacturers, distributors to our partners and customers bridging the gap between our customers and suppliers. We help Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's), field service and procurement teams all over the world, with their specifications of replacement and spare parts. We provide a global network of high-quality stock locations to enable fast response time. As a result of our deep experience, international partnerships, and long-term end-client relationship, we provide a framework for trade facilitation and eliminate technical and logistical barriers to international trade.


Operating directly on US territory we are connected to manufacturers and distribution companies and wholesalers. Leveraging this solid connection we provide our clients access and trade relations on US territory and other parts of the world. We offer a comprehensive supply-chain service that enables companies to develop concrete business relationships through procurement, import, export, and delivery.


Our trade network and client base are both large, diverse and global. Over the years we have managed to continuously expand this network. This vast range of end-customers has given us a solid foundation and experience in delivering a wide range of catalog products and replacement parts.

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