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We serve our client demands in replacement parts for a variaty of systems. Oil lubricated machinery, high pressure air systems, high performance engines, heavy machinery, automated systems requiring instrumentation and sensors, Whatever our customer needs are, MV Global Supply has the diversified brands and suppliers to fill them.
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Hydraulic Components

Engine Components

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Automation Components

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Offshore Equipament

Our business group serves a broad range of industries including agriculture, general manufacturing, chemical, fabrication and construction, mining, oil and gas, transportation, refinery, among others.


We serve as a single focal point for procurement eliminating the burden from our clients to deal with multiple suppliers and manage multiple contracts.

Our strategy is to leverage worldwide inventory with efficient procurement and delivery processes to enable the right stock and the right level of a broad range of products and brands including difficult to find replacement parts.


Making sure to always provide best our technical team continuously work on extending our procurement network across the US borders to access OEM parts distribution inventory in Europe and Asia to ensure we can get to our clients the required catalog item when needed and at the right costs.

Our client benefits include:

Broad product offerings: we offer high quality catalog items from all major equipment manufacturers and suppliers of the various industry sectors

Facilitation inventory management through fast responsive service and agile delivery when leveraging our international logistics providers

We serve as our client vendor base reduction specialist through one single vendor based in Houston we cover a comprehensive range of replacement parts and equipment

Relief of customs and importation burdens from our clients with our established customs agent partnerships

Elimination of language barriers and miscommunication issues through our multi-lingual technical procurement and logistics team

Door-to-door tracking of procured items has built trust with our customers in on-time delivery

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